kidHow to personalize your press releases

Television, radio and the internet thrive on bad publicity because people love it, that’s where the saying “there is no such thing as bad publicity” came from. Take the American presidential campaigns- the truth is it’s getting uglier by the day media houses across the country are accusing each other of taking sides and using underhand tactics to get their chosen candidate in office. Last year things were very different, this means that keeping an eye on the media is very important before you write a press release. Remember the media shapes the audiences perceptions.

The first thing that you must learn is how to use ‘influencer’ strategies, according to research this is the best or the most effective way of meeting your objectives or goals. What I’m I talking about here? An ‘influencer’ is a person who has the ability to influence other people’s decisions. It can be bloggers, online journalists, social media users or any other expert in the field.

Note that you will have to give them a reason to want to publish your press release, as a consequence of this your press release should be newsworthy i.e. don’t make it boring and uninteresting. The trick is to employ empathy, humor and sometimes sadness. If done right your press release will be successful.

The point I am trying to put across here is before you publish your press release on any type of media make sure that you personalize it to that media, if it’s on television make sure that it’s something that people will want to watch.

standWhat to monitor

The best place to start is with your audience; listen to what they are telling you this may help you avoid a looming crisis. Keep an eye on print media, social media, web and broadcast media. The trick is to stay-up-to date with what’s happening.

Learn to balance news and promotion

What distinguishes press releases from adverts is it is a combination of advertising and news, this means that if you go too heavy on the advertising part of it you will ruin the whole thing.

Therefore, make sure that your press release does not look like something that was hatched up by a salesman, simply discus the topic at hand and leave it to the audience to make their own conclusions.

Don’t recycle

When you write a press release you should make sure that it is crafted to suit your target newspaper, website, magazine etc. this means that you should write it from scratch keeping in mind how your chosen demographic will react to it. Think of it as way of teaching your audience new things about your organization.

Copying other organization’s or people’s press releases is a no-no, it may seem like a good option especially if you see that their version is getting serious traction in the market but it will work against you. Remember Melania trump’s famous speech that most people saw as a rip off of Michele Obama’s speech?

That is what will happen to you if you choose to go down that path, therefore, before you release a press release make sure that you check for plagiarism and anything that might closely resemble what you are giving out and make adjustments.