gaHow to use influencers to spread your press release

In the past if people wanted to communicate with other people who were far away they would use smoke, letters, pigeons and sometimes word of mouth through messengers. Today things are very different if you want to communicate there are many different means to do so, now, this is both good and bad at the same time. It’s bad because thanks to the power of high speed internet mistakes can be made very easily.

For instance, the Ray j and Kim Kardashian ‘media release’ that doomed mankind into a century of bad ‘reality television’. What made Kim famous was the fact that someone decide to share the video and news of it spread like wildfire, the truth is most people watched the tape because someone else told them to watch it. That someone is what we call an ‘influencer’, understand that an influencer can be anyone even you, all that is required of you is that you have a following.

If you are a professional or if you have some dignity am sure that you don’t intend to go the Kim Kardashian way, to ensure that your press release is successful you will have to do a number of things.

You will have to start by partnering up with someone or a company that has influence in the market, this will give you a wider audience because most people will feel that if you are worthy of getting attention from that influencer then you are worth their time.

The tools for success here are appropriate keywords, links and media. This will make it easier for your audience to access your release, another very important thing is to give the influencer freedom to personalize your press release and share it with their followers.

If you don’t give them this freedom awareness wont spread, but if you let them discuss it will spread faster.

How to find the right influencer

Take note that just because someone is considered an influencer there is no guarantee that their endorsement of your release will make it effective, e.g. when Donald trump got endorsed by a KKK imperial wizard the endorsement only appealed to a particular demographic and alienated another.

This means that it is of utmost importance to choose the right influencer if you aim to succeed.

When looking for an influencer don’t look at the ‘parent’ organization instead look at the ‘children’ i.e. find the niche that specializes in what you are after. The trick is to place your press release in a place where people who have need for it will find it easy to access even when they are not looking, e.g. if you are spreading a liberal agenda don’t post on a page whose main audience is made up of a majority of conservatives.

The trick is to closely monitor the influencers and find one or more who suit your needs, remember a press release is there to improve your public image or perception not to start conflicts or hurt feelings.