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How to make people care about your press release

If there is one thing that you can’t escape from is yourself, have you ever realized that there will never be a time that you will be away from yourself. Everywhere you go you will always be there, ask yourself this “what makes you who you are?” the simple answer is emotions but not emotions alone there are other factors such as reason, imagination and the conscious and the unconscious processes that happen in your brain , all these factors distinguish us from the other animals on the planet.

Take ‘Josie and the pussycats’ for example, in the movie the bad guys use subliminal messages to enslave their audience into buying what they want and to make them think that Fiona is hot when in reality she’s not. What’s special about this? You see subliminal messages target your subconscious mind, what makes them work is your subconscious mind lacks the ability to say no, meaning that it will never disagree with you. As a consequence of this what you feed it is what it will make you.

For instance, if you continually tell yourself that you are a failure or a loser you will become a failure and a looser.

When you write a press release it is very important to take the emotional aspect of your audience into consideration, what you must do is to try and build genuine relationships with your audience through the press release. Don’t be too reliant on your products; make the company stand out from the rest.

This means that every press release that you issue to the media should reflect your values and beliefs, e.g. if your values are to serve and protect don’t release video releases that show officers shooting unarmed victims. This will only serve as fodder for negative emotions towards you and your organization.

Generally the top ten emotions humans experience on a daily basis are pleasure, joy, affection, excitement, delight, happiness, surprised interest and amusement

If your press release does not appeal to any of the above emotions it won’t have the desired outcome, let’s take sadness for instance. Recently Haiti was hit by an earthquake, if you are a company that is based in the region you must show your audience that you sympathize with them.

The human mind is a very “special machine” when you express sadness the brain will release a hormone known as oxytocin that will make them connect and empathize, meaning that they will be more likely to stand up for your cause.

The emotion that you must watch out for is anger; anger will lead to aggression especially if your press release is taken in negative light. Take the case of Simone Biles for instance, what happened is an NBC announcer tweeted that the gymnast’s adopted parents were not her parents. This tweet painted NBC in negative light and they had to force the announcer Al Trautwig to delete the tweet.

What you can learn from this is don’t make your public angry instead surprise them, make them happy and keep them that way. if you don’t you may have a riot on your hands.